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took a taxi to the local hospital in the valley

for a CT scan

returned with confirmation that i have fractured my tibial plateau (a flat bit in my knee)

going to be on crutches, wearing a leg brace, giving myself daily injections of anti-blood clotting drugs for a while.

when i get back from the states next week, i'll need an MRI and possibly keyhole surgery on my knee

not the best way to end a wonderful, happy, ski holiday
people look on with pity as i hobble around, jealous of their able-bodied ability to go off and slide down mountains

my crutches slipped on melted ice in the lift to dinner and i screamed out expletives in pain.

i must have been in shock when i skied down after the accident: it all seems a little more painful now

but i have a doctors note saying i'm fit to drive and i'm looking forward to my shoot next week.

could have been a whole lot worse.

i'm bored but i feel very lucky.

and i have THE fittest nurse looking after me 24/7...i must get her the outfit