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friday feels like saturday: everyone confused

friday feels like saturday: everyone confused

good jobs come and go without my participation, frustratingly

the dereliction of duty in my American O-1 visa is responsible for some issues

my old agent 'art mix' folding a couple of years ago does not help

and a conflict of commitments preclude a working adventure to dublin

i remain bad tempered and miserable all day

malicious code from a computer savvy, teenage vandal (?) on an old migrated version of the server wipes out 16 years of diary

fortunately it's backed up

and after a few days hero, jean yves, is able to restore this archive to it's former boring 

next, jan schjetne the norwegian creator of this diary is going to enable all future posts to be retina screen friendly high def

and craig john's about to finish mr.bunny t-shirt designs

AND grubs is talking about the return of perou-bike, not quite one year on

I'm surround by good people and blessed

could paul of 'peter and Paul' be the next hero to come good with some greatness?
come on come on