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up at 3 with toothache (jaw ache) so DTT in the middle of the night again

takes 1.5-2hrs to drive in rush hour
in the middle of the night, big house to bunker is 45 mins

get in and get another few hours sleep

tiring but less driving is good for the knee

miss driving in to the today show though

and at 3.30am today there was a REALLY weird world service language program on

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shot street faaaaaashion round town with a couple of models and wonderfully talented vivian nwonka super-styling

it didn't rain


but it wasn't always as sunny as I required.

shooting guerrilla style (without permits) got stopped on my very FIRST frame on the first location

but got the shot on the first frame (is why anthony Joshua calls me 1FP: one frame perou)

do not like being told I can't take photos in public spaces

finished by 5 and returned to the big house

there has been a mouse in the house: bunny almost caught it, but the (now fired) cat was nowhere to be seen