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manage a trois

manage a trois

last night's performance of 'all about eve', at the nowel coward theatre was wonderful
and two straight hours passed by quite fast

despite my issues with sitting still or comfortably 
thought to be related to my time spent in traction, my head bolted to a bed, when I broke my neck as a 3yr old.

i can do about 30 minutes and then I start to bug out: aching, in pain and fidgeting.
same on planes, unless I'm lying down
happens in the cinema too

i'm told i make for very un-entertaining company at these times
if i try mind-over-matter and to meditate through it, I start to tremble and get shudders in my legs.
lucy's used to it
but apparently the lady next to her tonight didn't find my discomfort amusing (apologies)

i TRY not to be a nuisance
i would LOVE to be able to sit still, really

was standing next to pj harvey at the bar before the show and was enjoying her West Country accent, but didnt get to speak to her myself 
was surprised by her musical contribution to the show
there are long segments of barely audible ambient noise that was quite interesting
Gillian Anderson and lily James both great

after the show we walked over to the Waldorf hotel for a champagne reception in the palm room 
but left for home early 
as the sons were there alone and we wanted to be sure there was still a home to return to.