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today i photographed an amur leopard (not an amur lemur: they don't exist) 


she was SO beautiful, so fast and agile

amur leopards are on the critically endangered list

there are only 84 of these stunning creatures left in the world!

for my ongoing, and sadly, nearly finished project at the big cat sanctuary in smarden

feel so privileged to be able to spend time with these incredible, beautiful animals

i would happily photograph them all day, every day

despite their disdain for me, and their ever present desire to kill me (to stop the flashes flashing)

i HATE leopard print on ladies' clothes but the real thing worn on the right animal is mesmerising 

can't WAIT to release the whole set of these pictures

just maya the black jaguar (you might have seen on bbc recently) to go

i've been working on this since june of last year

a long project

none of the shots would be possible without the support of everyone at the big cat sanctuary esp. bryoni and james

broncolor lighting (from the gods) esp. urs and dogan

and huge props also to gary at dippin sauce who is making my alright photos ALL right 

thankyou thankyou x