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answers to questions:

yes, it is taking longer and costing more than i thought it would 

no, i'm not sad we took it on

yes, it is very big

no, it's not going to be flats, or a nightclub: we're just going to live here with our family

no, i don't have a very big family

no, there has NEVER been a sprung maple floor in the sometimes-referred-to-as 'ballroom' but it does have a maple floor

no, there isn't slate still on the shelves in the cellar: there aren't still shelves in the cellar

no, we're not going to sell up as soon as it's finished: we like this town and we're planning to stay
no, the bit out the back isn't the bit we have planning permission to demolish: we're just taking out the outside toilet blocks that you can't see from the street

yes, we have a bit of garden

no, we didn't get a survey before we bought the house (that would have been pointless: no-one could see what we were dealing with because it was so full of 'stuff')

and we hope to have done the bulk of the work by THIS christmas