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drama drama

drama drama

busy weekend

last night at feet jeet kune do, maximum broke his toe

ouchy ouchy 

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then today, i just went out to back garden in time to find the whole road-side of scaffolding being blown apart and tilting 45 degrees into the road, about to dismantle itself into cars and people

opened the gates in an attempt to give the wind somewhere to go and it blew off one gate into the road

someone kindly stopped his car to help and a passing neighbour called lorna, ran over to help try and hold it all down while we tied it off unsuccessfully.

called 999 and fortunately the fire brigade came immediately and shut the road off, making safe before fred the scaffolder could come and make good.

no good photos to capture the draaaama we were all too busy.

it was a very precarious moment

but thankyou kind neighbours

thankyou awesome fire brigade

thankyou fred for turning up so quick

apologies to anyone who got held up or turned round while the road was closed

been for lunch and still trying to calm down now

the wind continues....