Perous Secret Diary2 - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 11553 Perou June 24, 2019: landscape photographer June 24, 2019

well, inside we still have some decorating to do

and the tuck pointing on front-of-house continues at a breakneck speed: 1/2 a square meter a day (you can't rush greatness)

so we're finally doing some light digging in the garden.

i'm not driving: i'm not allowed: i rolled the last one of these i got to play with at the old perou-factory in 2002

you might not surprised to hear we are not participating in faversham's open gardens this weekend

11550 Perou June 23, 2019: OMLET June 23, 2019

i don't like tags: badly sprayed blobby signatures

i do like it when someone's got something to say

OMLET (sic) is a great name for a person, or maybe a dog...although i like 'Dave' for a dog

the whole sub-genre of knobs depicted is something else: i am currently sporting one in the dirt on the back of my truck: only thing stopping me from getting a car-wash.

i think (however untrue) 'big car small knob' would be better tho

spelling is important but not essential: 'govermeness corrupt' is just about understandable and almost certainly correct

11551 Perou June 23, 2019: say no too... June 23, 2019

go back to school and learn how to spray

this is very unclear

were you trying to say 'say no to cheap trade'?

I'm seeing 'say no too cheap trainers' whilst being grammatically incorrect, i almost agree: cheap shit trainers are bad (just say no) but you should also say no to over-priced, expensive trainers.

probably the knob and heart hieroglyphs here together make the most sense from the author of this piece

11552 Perou June 23, 2019: June 23, 2019


things we find on a walk along the creek and into the boat yard

11549 Perou June 22, 2019: #capturefaversham June 22, 2019

(photo: lucy perou)

mr chris campion down for the weekend

annabel, stuart, belinda and glyn over for the faversham midnight feast